Vlookup Formula from other Work Book in Excel (Malayalam)

Vlookup Formula from other Work Book in Excel (Malayalam)


                                                  Vlookup Formula in the Microsoft Excel is the magical function which we can use in different scenarios and also it is one widely used function in the excel for saving a lot of the time, we can use V lookup formula in different ways in different scenarios.

V Lookup formula used for pulling the information from the other file with the help of common data in the both the file.


Here we are going to apply the Vlookup formula for pulling the information from the Salary register to current month data where we have the employees name common.

And here the Salary Register file is in the another workbook.


For making our formula easier we are moving the salary register file to the current month file.





Here we are assigning the name for the data in the Salary Register in the Name Box as a”Salary” which will help for writing a formula.




In the current month file we are going to write Vlookup formula to the designation column, and here my task is to bring the designation of the employee from the salary register file.

Click on the Formulas- Lookup and Reference—Vlookup Formulas.





In the Function Arguments, we will assign the details.

Lookup_ Value----Employees Name (A4)

Table Array-------Table range from the Salary Register (Salary, Name assigned in the Name Box)

Column Index---Column number from the Employee Column in the Salary Register (2)

Range Lookup—False (For Exact Match)




Now we pull the information of the designation from the salary register and for the other columns we just copy and paste the formulas and here we partial Absolute reference to cell “A4” to ” $A4” and if drag the formulas to other columns we can see that the Lookup value is not changed




And now we only need to change the column index according to the data, in this case for the Bank Account Column put no “3” as in the salary register the Bank Account Column is lying in the third column from the employee column.





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