How to Sort the Report in Pivot Table with Custom List

How to Sort the Report in Pivot Table with Custom List

                                  Many times Excel users are getting trouble in the preparing the report in Pivot Table as we get the report where category will sort as per A-Z for Jan to Dec etc. But in India we are considering our Financial Year from April to March but while preparing the Report we will get from Jan to Dec.




For this scenario we can able to prepare the custom list for the sorting , First we need to arrange the order we require and add to the custom list of the Sorting from Microsoft Excel 2010 version we can able to able bulk list without manually typing but prior to Excel 2010 we need to type manually in Custom List.






Click on the pivot table options and click on the Total and Filter option and check the custom sorting option






Now we can able to get the pivot table as per the custom list and it is very useful in the MIS Creation with the help of Pivot Table



We can create the Custom list in the prior 2010 Excel version through typing in the custom list manually and the report will sort accordingly


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