How to Protect and Hide the Formulas in Microsoft Excel

How to Protect and Hide the Formulas in Microsoft Excel


                                      Sometimes we need to protect our Excel files from other users in our organisation which will allow them to view only, and there are also other cases where some of the users need to edit the certain cells or columns by restricting other cells which are containing complex formulas, and also sometimes we need to keep the confidentiality of formulas from other users by hiding the formulas in the cells.


How to protect the sheet from other users using formula.




How to unprotect the specific areas in excel file from other users by unchecking the protection from the format cells options.



How to hide the formulas in the specific areas in the excel file by checking the hidden option in the format cells.


After the above steps protect the sheets with the password and now we can able to edit the area which we allowed and also we can’t able to view the formulas in the cells.

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