Five Important Tips in Excel for Saving Time

Five Important Tips in Excel for Saving Time

                           Some of the Tips and Tricks will really make you big surprise, as we will not notice in our routine work in excel, Today I am sharing similar types of tips in excel which is very useful in our routine excel work and I am sure it will be great investment for sending some time for learning this below 5 tips which will give unlimited return of time in your job.


Tip -1

How to select the sheet from the Multiple Sheets from the Excel Work Book


  Sometimes we will become mad in working with the file of the lot of sheets where we need to select different sheets from this workbook, which will take a lot of time for finding each sheet.

Here we can use small method for selecting sheet by Right Click the Mouse at the sheet navigation tool and we will list of the sheets in the workbook and we can able select the sheet we required as we need.



How to filter the Date option from the Data in the quickest way.


Our majority of the databases which we handle in our routine job will contain the Date column, and we need to analyse the data based on the date , but unfortunately majority of excel users are missed the option of Date Filter in excel, which will give the various option of filter data based on the different scenarios of the dates



How to Extract the Day, Month, Years from the Date without Formulas


Remembering the formulas in excel is not easy for everybody especially date formulas, Sometimes while crunching the data we need to extract the month and years from the date , we commonly for the text formulas, but here we have beautiful option in the Format Cells for easily we can extract the month by selecting the Custom option- and type –“mmmm” for getting Month  eg “January” and type –“yyyy” for getting “2017” and type –“dd” for getting days.



How to arrange the Columns in the Data

While downloading the data from the software like Tally, columns, SAP or any other ERP we will receive data with columns, and here we delete the multiple columns as per our requirement which will consume a lot of time. Here we can use the option of Data Sort.


Type the number in the columns by inserting the additional row above the header which we required and Keep the cells blank which we not required.



Step -2

Select the Data and click on the Data Sort option and click on the option, where the check on the option sort from left to right and click ok, select the row number where we type the numbers and sort the order from smallest to Largest and click Ok.



How to make data in cells Invisible

While preparing any confidential report like payroll or any other MIS Report we need to hide some details like “ Figures, Text etc “ which should not be read by others.In this scenario we can use the Format Cell option by selecting the cells where we need to make the text invisible, select the Custom options and type “;;;” three semi-colon which will make the text invisible, and if want to do reverse , click on the format cells and delete the “;;;” semi-colon .



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