Discover the Power of Wild Card in Vlookup Formula in Excel

Discover the Power of Wild Card in Vlookup Formula in Excel


                                                       Vlookup Formula is one of the most important formula in Microsoft Excel which helps us to solve many issues in our data, by finding the matching value from the data in the base of lookup value in which lookup value should be similar to the value in the database.

But sometimes we will be in a problem where our lookup value will partial match with value in the database so in this we can use some techniques, and here we are discussing three scenarios where wild card characters will support for solving this issue.

Scenario One-


We have the Data Set of the Employees (With First and Last Name)having the salary and in another list we have only first name of the employee, and in this scenario if we go for normal Vlookup Formula we will not get the result ,so we will use Wild Card “*” in the Formula

Like : VLOOKUP(lookup_value & “*”,table_array,col_index_num,range_lookup)


Where “*” means it will avoid the characters from the Value in Table Array and it will check only First Name


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Scenario – Two



Here we have the data set of the Invoice Number with Amount , but in other list we have the invoice number only without amount and here issue is the invoice number is not matching with data set as there is missing of the Prefix Character and if we go normal Vlookup Character the result will “#N/A” . And this scenario we will use the wild character “?” instead of the Prefix character and number of the wild character is based on the number of the Prefix character.


Eg  As per the below mention scenario the Prefix character of the invoice number is four character and based on this our formula will be


VLOOKUP(“????”&lookup_value ,table_array,col_index_num,range_lookup)

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Scenario Three


This is another strange scenario of the Part Number list with the qty and in this Part Number provided in the Data Base with three steps and in the list we are only having middle one and we need to get the qty of the product based on the middle value , and we can able to do normal V lookup formula for sorting this issue.


Here we use wildcard “?” on the right and left the side of the lookup value in the based on the number of the character.

Formula will be : VLOOKUP(“????”&lookup_value &”????”,table_array,col_index_num,range_lookup)

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